Complete training system for individual and group trainings, sports, health & lifestyle.
Easy for you to use either as a club member, group class instructor, gym instructor, personal trainer or as a management of fitness center or chain for either individual workout or group classes.
Create your own workout program or presentation for individual exercising and group classes.
Choosing between different class concepts such as aerobics, spinning, indoor rowing and running when you as group class instructor want to create your own unique session presentation.
Add music, video, animation, images and text to your presentation and multimedia library.
Customize your workouts in five steps or phases.
Creator is both an educational and a multimedia tool.
You can create your own and unique course- and landscape profile for biking, running, rowing, cross country skiing and crossfit, plus more group class concepts.
Start by selecting between 3 up to 10 intensity zones.
Create your own and unique intensity profile, and get an overview of how much time / percentage you have planned for each zone.
You can make your own and unique resistance profile column related specifically to the cycling class.
Define your music, play list and timeline.
You can choose to track song number, intensity zone number. and different types of time-boxes to be shown or not.
Mobile application gives you the intensity zones, time and percentage % in each zone, heart rate, percentage % of maximum heart rate, calories, distance, speed, time.
With Showfit you as an instructor anytime, anywhere in the world, can create and produce your own and unique group class presentation and then load up or down from the cloud this presentation.
Share your group class or workout presentation with people all around the world and also ask them to give you feedback.
You can learn from other people and improve as instructors and trainers
Showfit gives you the opportunity to create original multimedia presentations with workout information and entertainment. A good mix of seriousness and entertainment.
Choosing between multiple languages
Ease for use
Give better overview
Global tools and connectivity
Customize to your needs and wishes. Flexible settings.

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