Company - background
Showfit is a dedicated company for the fitness centers/gyms and fitness industry. It was established in September 2010 with a mission of making advanced technology, innovative, smart and practical products exclusively for the fitness industry. It is supported by a strong management team consisting of experts with different backgrounds and proven experience in both the fitness industry and Internet technology. A global team of professionals who work from Norway (Oslo) and constitutes a technology research lab that delivers quality personalized product solutions. Showfit's ambition is to deliver superior solutions for the fitness industry by working with a clear vision of becoming a global provider of fitness world.

Showfit offers a unique total experience and the little extra within group fitness classes for club members by offering a COMPLETE GROUP CLASS SYSTEM, combined with a various environmental effects that allow you to get an optimal mix of relevant workout information and good entertainment.

The goal is to make group fitness classes more motivating, fun, entertaining and more effective than ever before. Our mission is to put group fitness instructors and PTs with small PT groups in focus. We offer a complete group training system with professional work tools to improve and raise the quality of all types of group fitness concepts.

Jens Disington:
INVENTOR / CREATOR / FOUNDER of Showfit - company. Jens is an experienced group fitness instructor who has worked in various fitness centers and chains. Jens has a BA from the Norwegian Sports College, together with qualifications from various academic courses in different sports and fitness levels. Jens has practical experience, passion and curiosity as a group trainer and instructor. He's been the driving force to create advanced solutions and original inventions for the fitness world. He is currently working as a group instructor and as a physical sport teacher in a high school. Jens is also an innovator and has invented and patented 4 different sport products.
R. Muthuraja
Muthu is a programmer and web technology expert for Showfit. A professional flash actionscript / web and RIA developer born in India who lives now in Norway. Muthu has work experience in the IT world. He has been working in Norway for the last five years in leading Norwegian IT companies. Muthu is the product manager for Showfit's various Web, Desktop, Website and mobile applications. Furthermore, Muthu is responsible for developing the largest social network site for group training instructors in the world.
Bent Atle Bjortomt
A leading expert on technology equipment - software and hardware. Bent works as an IT expert in Norway, with proven experience in logistics software. Bent is very interested in fitness training and Bluetooth devices. Bent has tested the Bluetooth transmitter with software to a mobile phone. Bent's role is to provide input and advice for the new innovations of the Showfit business concept.

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