Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is software only on the net "in the cloud" or is it a server - workstation software?
We offer a local Desktop application, which you also have a private account in the "cloud" to upload and download your ready made training presentation via the web. You must either bring your presentation through your computer, tablet, USB memory stick or mobile phone. You can aslo download the presentation directly from your cloud account to your local computer in the training hall and open it there to show the training presentation. The computer is connected to various electronic equipment such as stereo hi-fi (music and sound) and projector / screen. Once you have the folder with both the music list and training presentation stored on your computer in the training hall then you have 100% control before starting the class.
2. I want to understand more about the relationship between heart rate, intensity and Showfit intensity zones and how it works Showfit its mobile app and Garmin s wrist watches.
There are different formulas that calculate the appropriate individual level of intensity in our mobile application and in heart rate monitors. (You can search - google and Karvonen formula). You can with the mobile application and pulse watch calculated at an almost 100% correct intensity zone level if you know your maximum heart rate and resting heart rate. You can get tested your maximum heart rate = MHR through a tough test either by bike, running, skiing or swimming, and resting heart rate level = RHR through check your pulse before you get out of bed in the morning. Your MHR will have a difference of between 5 to 7 strokes from running, cycling and swimming. The theoretical formula 220 - age is not precise enough. It may be a deviation of the 10 plus and minus -10 strokes unlike your correct max heart rate compared to the theoretical formula. It is then often a mistake to use the theoretical formula.
With Showfit mobile application or Garmin heart rate monitor then set the appropriate maximum and resting heart rate, age, gender, weight, height, and percentage range in the various zones. Showfit can be set from 3 and up to 10 intensity zones both for the Desktop, mobile application, while Garmins heart rate monitors has five different zones as standard and with a vertical interface Showfit also uses. So now that you know your exact MHR and RHR then plot these numbers into either your Showfit mobile application or your Garmin heart rate monitors. With Showfit you can also choose between 1 Use a heart rate monitor or mobile application, or 2 Using your subjective feeling when you want to control your intensity and heart rate level and compare with the planned intensity zone and the profile that is presented via Showfit training presentation o the -screen presentation inside a group training session.
3. How would an end user, club members react to viewing an exercise done in 2D or in 3D compared to a real person performing the exercise?
A 2D or 3D object can do everything, but can a real person do what a 2D / 3D model exercise can show? How convincing and friendly is 2D / 3D? If evidence of artificial and cannot be done by ordinary people? How to demystify such fear? All would agree that a real and vibrant instructor is required to provide confidence and security to club members. So what is left and the purpose of Showfit software? Will the club members feel alienated?
1. The most important thing about Showfit is not to present the events in 3D, but mainly to provide good training information combined with entertainment.
2. A live and real instructor is the person who can create the motivation and create energy and joy, into the classes and the class hours, while a 3D exercise can be better and correct information about how to perform an exercise.
3. Showfit is only an educational tool to create a higher and better quality of the training session through the dissemination of clear information, combined with an exciting user interface, graphics and presentation. Yes it is possible to present 3D objects of different exercises (see question above) as an additional functionality, but the instructor is still the main party.
4. Showfit can also be used as a tool without an instructor. There is a segment with training center that already has or will offer additional sessions without any instructors. It can also be a segment for group training to corporate customers who want training sessions early in the morning, at lunchtime or at the end of the day without an instructor. Also, private and individual consumers who want to train at home can also be a segment that wants to use Showfit on their TV screen or projector in their living room.
4. What is missing in the current situation in most gyms?
80% of the club member and personal trainers at gyms still use paper and pencil to plan and create individual training / diary and group training. No one offers a complete training system with tools that connect both the individual need of something you can use both for the individual training, group training and the training there. The vast majority of people and club members are much stronger in communicating through their eyes and the visual. Today 90% of the instructor only us verbal communication in combination with their body language. With a visual training presentation, the quality of group training hours will be even better if the instructor uses Showfit their training presentations in a timely right manner.
5. What is the ultimate benefit for the instructor? Has it changed or given the instructors a new way to make their routines? What outcomes and benefits to an instructor after having adopted Showfit?
1. An instructor can create and produce their own ideas and unique group training presentations related to their playlist. It gives a new dimension to their presentation and increase the quality of the session.
2. Ease of use and simple to use. You only need to make the presentation again, and it only takes 10-20 minutes to create a simple presentation and more time for more advanced presentations with many multimedia files. It is very easy and flexible to change songs, change the intensity and course profile on the presentation you have already mastered, for example, after you have spent a session 2-4 times.
3. Showfit gives both the instructor and the participants a better control and overview of what will happen during the entire workout. It is easier to communicate with the use of verbal combined with visual information with a good and proper tools Showfit offer. Showfit is a complete tool while also helping you to store and organize all your various training presentations in your library. This means that one does not need to use CDs, DVDs, combined with paper information any more.
4. You have optimal access to all training presentations from anywhere in the world by being able to both store your training presentation into Showfit server and then download it locally at home, at work and especially to the PC that is in the training hall. You can also have your training presentations stored on your USB memory stick, PC, tablet and mobile phone.

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