Make your own and unique group class or workout presentation!

1. Make a registration
2. Download the trailer with few clicks
3. Open the demo and test it

This software is a brand new, complete and powerful pedagogical multimedia tool for you as a group class instructor, or another type of instructorS or trainer. The software allows you to create, make and design your own unique group classes presentations for viewing it on a TV or projector screen in a exercise studio or in your living room at home.

You can also use Creator to make individual workout both as instructor or trainer for your clients, and as a private person for your own workout in your living room at home.

There is no limit for the software and it gives you maximal flexibility to customize for your own needS and styleS as instructor, trainer or fitness center, as well for branding the center or the fitness chain.

1. Create a class and choose activity, make playlist and create song / hour section
2. Music Mixing
3. Music analysis and choreography
4. Media mixing and settings
5. View the presentation as a player

You can choose to skip music mixing, music analysis and choreography and go directly to the media mixing and the multimedia library for add video / movie , image, animation and your own made texts on the song timeline before you view and play your group classes or workout presentation.

You can make different group class presentations for different classes concepts such as rowing, running, cycling, different types of aerobic class concept, skiing, kayaking, surfing, crossfit and other various group classes concepts

Desktop application is both an educational and multimedia tool.

You as the instructor get a new dimension in sound, visualization and lighting to create a positive moods and a total experience that adds a little extra for the club members who participate. A unique combination of workout information and entertainment that offers a special experience.

Another unique feature with this software is that you have everything in one place. Your music and all type of media files, courses and intensity profiles, plus including links to other websites with music and media content. Now you can finally collect all of your different group classes session in one place, which you previously have saved in different places as CDs, USB memory sticks and different media folders.

The program can currently be installed both on a PC and Mac.

Soon it will be possible to install the program on a tablet, iPad and mobile phone.

The TV or projector must be connected either to a PC or a Mac, and later to a tablet, iPad or a mobile phone where the presentation has been saved via the Creator software.


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